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Destiny the Staffy
Amazing Tripawds Three Legged Dog Blog
Meet Destiny
Posted on March 2nd, 2013 at 3:17 am by and

Younger days, 6 Years Old.

Destiny’s Story…

Hi people, this is Destiny’s story. She is a 12 year old english staffy breed with black fur and brown brindle (and a good helping of greys thrown in now).

Her best friend is Feral (real name Angel) the pussy cat.

Destiny Home -14.02.2013

We live in Australia, North East Victoria.

It started with a limp in the left back leg, thinking it was arthritis she was taken to the vet. The news was not good, she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma.

The only way to save her was to amputate the leg which was done the very next day (it was the size of a golf ball so was no time for delays).

Her operation was done on the 13th of February, 2013. Two days later she was brought home, very happy to be home to.

2nd Day Sore & Red -15.02.2013

Once the painkillers wore off she became down and sad.

The only thing that cheers her up is a walk or tennis ball (which she hasalways greatly loved doing both).

2nd Day Ready For A Play – 15.02.2013

She has had her stitches removed on the 26th of February, 2013 and all the redness and swelling has gone. We are being careful when she walks around as she is still getting used to 3 legs.

Destiny is a fighter and within time I know she will get used to her 3 legs.

She is always loved by all who meet her. Like most staffys she is an over grown puppy and is incredibly affectionate and friendly to all.

Sooo Sleepy – 15.02.2013






Comments so far:

  1. Link Here | March 2, 2013,

    my avatar picture is a pic of destinys first day home straight to the water bowl

      destiny |    Reply

  2. Link Here | March 2, 2013,

    Im betting Destiny will adjust very well to her life on three legs. Its normal for the animals to seem a little bit down after the first few days of being home. It usually only last a few days then things will get back to normal. They are coming off all the pain meds and feeling a bit unsure of themselves. One day Destiny will wake, and she will be back to her spunky self. It just takes time. Keep us updated on how she is doing.


    • Link Here | March 2, 2013,

      will do yeah she is gettin back slowly to her old self just dont like seeing her sad thank u for reading her story 🙂

        destiny |    Reply

  3. Link Here | March 3, 2013,

    Hey everyone

    heres an update on destiny she is slowly getting back to her old self tail wagging moving around more and playing ball oh and of course rolling around on the floor been a show off

      destiny |    Reply

  4. Link Here | October 13, 2013,

    please vote for my special girl destiny ill upload a pic soon when i know how to do it lol thank so much rene for asking my girl to be in your calendar she would be so greatful believe me and so am i thank u heaps again 🙂

      destiny |    Reply

  5. Link Here | November 11, 2013,

    just wanted to say a big thank u to rene aka jerry for putting my girl destiny in next years calendar she looks sooo cute and so does her friend angel aka feral this site rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      destiny |    Reply


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